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The Grand Mesa is one of the world's largest flat top mountains. Elevations range from 10,000 to 11,000 feet, with lakes everywhere.

Colorado 65 is also known as the Grand Mesa Scenic Byway. You can take it up to the Mesa either from the south, through Cedaredge, or from the north, via I-70 east of Grand Junction. The views going up or coming down from both directions are surreal.

Once you are up on the Mesa, everything then is relatively flat for miles around.

There are three major areas:
- Lands End offers a remarkable 360 degree view of Colorado.
- Land'O'Lakes offers campgrounds and hiking around innumerable lakes.
- Mesa Lakes offers still more lakes, camping and hiking.

In addition, the Leroux Creek area, on the eastern edge of the Mesa, includes a number of pretty creeks that connect yet more lakes.

Of course, since the lakes are filled with fish, Grand Mesa is often considered a fisherman's paradise.


From Delta take Colorado 92 east 4 miles to Colorado 65. Turn left, north, and drive 11 miles up to and through Cedaredge. Then continue on up the mountain another 9 miles to the Grand Mesa.

From Grand Junction take I-70 east 12 miles to Colorado 65. Turn right, north and continue on up the mountain 41 miles to the Grand Mesa.

To reach the Leroux Creek area, take Colorado 92 from Delta east approximately 17 miles to 3100 road, 3 miles before entering the town of Hotchkiss. Turn left, north, and continue northeast approximately 12 miles to enter the Grand Mesa National Forest.


10,000-11,000 feet.


Grand Mesa National Forest
Grand Mesa Scenic Byway