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While best known for their display of color in the fall, Kebler and Ohio Pass offer scenic summer exploration as well. Both are accessed along well-maintained gravel and dirt roads where driving slow to enjoy the scenery and wildlife is the norm.

Ohio Pass Road intersects with Kebler Pass Road just a mile west of the cutoff to Lake Irwin, where fishing and camping are popular summer activities.

Heading west past Kebler Pass, one of the world's largest aspen communities stretches for miles on both sides of the road.

Along the road is the popular Horse Ranch trailhead, where the Dark Canyon Trail begins its journey into the Raggeds Wilderness, following Anthracite Creek to its confluence with the East Fork of the Gunnison in Paonia.

Of course after such a journey, horses head for the nearest watering hole.


From Gunnison take Colorado 32 north 32 miles to Crested Butte. From Crested Butte take Colorado 12 west, which is also known as Kebler Pass. Kebler Pass Road is a well-maintained dirt road for its entirety, and is part of the larger West Elk Scenic Loop.

To get to Ohio Pass, from Gunnison take Colorado 32 north 5 miles to Ohio Pass Road. Turn left, west. Once you go over the pass, you quickly intersect with Kebler Pass, where you can turn right and return through Crested Butte, or turn left and enjoy the fall colors along Kebler Pass Road as well.


9,980 feet (Kebler Pass), 10,093 feet (Ohio Pass).


Gunnison National Forest